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For serious foodies, there are few things more exciting than bringing home a new toy for the kitchen – fantasising about all the incredible culinary creations you’ll be able to make with your gadget; the new possibilities to experiment; all the time you can save. If we’re honest, though, once it’s out of the box, only the most dedicated, tech-savvy chefs ever take the time to learn what their nifty new gizmo can actually do and make the most of it in their cooking – especially if it’s something as ingeniously multi-functional as a Kenwood Cooking Chef or Chef Titanium. It’s a little too easy to get cosy with a small handful of the machine’s functions, stick to those and never make the most of the appliance’s potential. (After all, do you really know what all the buttons on the microwave do?)

Well, we have good news for anyone adding to their kitchen arsenal with a selected Kenwood stand mixer from John Lewis this summer: NCSG cookery schools across the UK are offering exclusive masterclasses to show you how to get the most out of your new appliance – all entirely free.

From now until the 27 July 2018, if you buy a Kenwood Cooking Chef (KCC9060S), Kenwood Chef Titanium (KVL7300S) or Kenwood Chef Titanium XL (KVL8300S) from John Lewis online or in-store, you’ll be able to book a free three-hour masterclass course at one of 10 cookery schools around the country. To book, all you have to do is upload a photo of your receipt here and choose your preferred school and date (classes take place in September). The participating schools are spread from Devon to Edinburgh, so it should be easy to find one that suits you.

Choose from:

Ashburton Cookery School, Devon

Divertimenti, London

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School, Edinburgh

Wilmslow Kitchen, Cheshire

Waitrose Cookery School, London

Waitrose Cookery School, Salisbury

Eckington Manor, Derbyshire

Swinton Cookery School, Ripon

Seasoned, Walton upon Trent

Tante Marie, Woking

The recipes covered in each course will vary from school to school, depending on its curriculum and tutor team, but you can be confident it will include hands-on guidance in how to create at least two dishes, and give you a solid grounding in the features and functions of your new Kenwood Chef. (The Waitrose Cookery School classes, for example, will take you on a whistle-stop tour of Italian classics, showing you how to create a perfect pizza base using the dough hook and whisk up a winning zabaglione.) In short, you’ll learn to master your mixer, get the full cookery-class experience at one of the best schools in the country, and you won’t have to pay a penny.

So, if you’ve just bought a Kenwood Chef, book here; and if you’ve been thinking of buying one and this has tipped you over the edge, pick it up at John Lewis now. (Look out for the masterclass offer on the item listing).