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Serves  4–6

As spring draws near, our collective palate starts to crave lighter dishes and fresher flavours than the stews and stodge of winter’s culinary comforts. In search of something to celebrate the imminent shift of the season, we turned to long-cherished London cookshop and cookery school Divertimenti – who didn’t disappoint.

This superlative springtime soup makes an excellent dinner-party starter or light weekend lunch – and it couldn’t be simpler to throw together…


  • 1kg small–medium green courgettes, diced

  • 60ml extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 white potato, peeled and cut into chunks

  • 1 onion, diced

  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed into a paste

  • 750ml–1litre chicken stock

  • 1 bunch basil, thinly sliced

  • 300g frozen peas, defrosted

  • 1 small sourdough loaf

  • Double cream, for finishing


  1. Heat the oil in a deep saucepan.

  2.  Add the onion and sweat in the pan until soft and translucent.

  3.  Add the courgette, potato and garlic and cook until the courgette just begins to soften.

  4. Add the stock and simmer uncovered for 8–10 minutes

  5. Season with salt and pepper to taste

  6. To make the croûtons: cut the loaf of bread into slices, then cut each slice into little cubes. Place the cubes of bread on a baking tray. Toss with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Bake at 180ºC/160º fan/ until golden brown.

  7.  Blend with a stick blender until smooth

  8.  Add the basil and peas and continue to blend.

  9.  Adjust seasoning as necessary.

  10.  Serve in bowls with a drizzle of double cream.