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Sushi making must be right up there with the most daunting of cooking skills to teach yourself: ‘How do I know if it’s safe to eat this fish raw?’ ‘Do I really have to fan the rice?’ ‘Does the bamboo mat actually help me roll this thing?’ Perhaps a better way to acquire the knack is through calm, assured lessons with a patient and accomplished teacher, in the familiar comfort of a home kitchen. Fortunately, that is precisely what Yuki’s Kitchen in South London offers. Trained Cordon Bleu chef Yuki Gomi teaches one-off classes and comprehensive four-part courses on sushi, as well as other Japanese foods such as ramen and gyoza. It’s a real pleasure to learn that these foods can be easily recreated by anyone, not just left to the occasional (and expensive) treat in town. The necessary ingredients are commonplace in supermarkets now – Yuki’s courses provides the confidence to make the most of them. Her scheduled group lessons are convivial and fun, though private lessons are also possible if you want to take advantage of her expertise one-on-one.

Sushi At Home – Let’s Roll: £65
Home Cooking – Fish and Seafood: £60
Japanese Street Food – Gyoza Three Ways: £60

Ground Floor 21 Harold Road London
SE19 3PU

Web: www.yukiskitchen.com
Email: yuki@yukiskitchen.com
Tel: 0753 983 4628


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