Quality Chop House


A couple of things make the Quality Chop House’s butchery courses stand out. The first is that the two-hour long sessions focus on whole-carcass butchery, where you watch, learn and have a go at breaking down the entirety of an animal into its primal and then eating cuts – by far the best way to understand more about the meat that we eat. The tutors speak with the experience of working in close proximity with chefs at the same venue, so their butcher’s-block-to-plate message stacks up. The second is that, at the end of that demonstration, the group of up to eight heads upstairs to the private dining room of the attached restaurant to eat a three-course meal based on the animal the class focused on (pork, beef or lamb). As the name implies, the food served is among the best in London; though you’ll also walk away with the joints you boned and rolled earlier in the evening for a chance to recreate the eating experience at home. The bread-making courses are equally hands-on and just as focused on rare-breed, organic ingredients, albeit a lot less bloody.

Butchery: £165
Bread making: £110

90 Farringdon Road

Web: www.thequalitychophouse.com
Email: butchers@thequalitychophouse.com
Tel: 020 3490 6228


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