Demuths Cookery School


The fact that all the courses at this city-centre cookery school, in the shadow of Bath Abbey, happen to be vegetarian is incidental. First and foremost, each class teaches essential cookery skills and recipes you’ll want to add to the midweek rota; they just happen to be meat-free. Founder Rachel Demuth built a cult following in the South West for the pioneering vegetarian restaurant she ran for 26 years, and the school continues her mission to educate people on the joys of vegetables. More courses have been introduced over the years to reflect the change in our eating habits – with raw, vegan and gluten-free all on the agenda – as well as classes teaching the ways different cultures approach vegetarian cookery. There’s also a range of vegan diplomas for those who want to really broaden their skill set, as well as curated cookery holidays abroad led by Rachel and her team.

Demuths Vegan Diploma: £1,975
Vegan 5-Day Cookery Course: £895
Vegan Cakes & Puddings: £165
Gourmet Vegan Cookery: £175
Seville Marmalade Making: £125
Tempeh & Tofu Evening Class: £65

6 Terrace Walk,

Tel: 01225 427938


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