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The Art of the Doughnut

By 28th March 2017News

with Bread Ahead’s co-founder Matt Jones

  1. What’s the key to making the best doughnut dough?
    The two key elements to making the best doughnut dough are long fermentation and overnight proving. 
  2. Is it possible to do it at home…?
    Absolutely. The results can be almost as good as the doughnuts we sell in the bakery. But it’s much more than just a recipe – there are a lot of fine details that are needed to make the perfect doughnut and we teach these in our doughnut masterclasses. 
  3. Why is called a doughnut?
    We don’t know the exact derivation of the ‘doughnut’ but imagine it might be named after a ‘nut of dough’ due to the nut-size of the dough before baking. It’s surprising how small the the dough is before baking in comparison the size it grows to afterwards. 
  4. Winning toppings/fillers?
    The best selling doughnuts are the Vanilla Cream. A close second is the Caramel Custard and Honeycomb, followed by the classic Raspberry Jam. 


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